W9 Home

W9 is based in Hornsby, in Sydney, Australia. Here you will find our management, customer service, marketing and warehouse teams.

Meet the team:

Dr Raymond Shroot, Founder

Dr Shroot started W9 with the aim of creating an import and wholesale company specialising in providing every day dental practice consumables to the Australian market. Over the years, the company has expanded its range to encompass a comprehensive instrument portfolio and specialised surgical products to meet the unique needs and challenges faced by Australian dental practices.

Noah Shroot, General Manager

Following in his father's footsteps, Noah has helped shape W9 by collaborating and researching new products and technologies as they emerge in the global dental market. Noah continues to build relationships with W9's key manufacturing partners to ensure that the company only stocks the highest quality dental supplies.

Luke Soady, National Sales Manager

As one of W9's longest serving employees, Luke knows the Australian dental industry, our key manufacturers and the running of the business inside out. He is the day to day driver of W9's national sales initiatives.

Ashleigh Shaddock, EthOss product manager

Ashleigh is the product manager for W9's most recent addition to its surgical range - EthOss, a true bone regeneration product. A clinically trained dental nurse who then worked as a practice manager for 15 years, Ashleigh joined W9 in 2017.