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Saliva Ejectors

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Crosstex Comfort Plus Saliva Ejectors Soft

Product Code: 711238

"Rounded edges, smooth surfaces and perfectly placed suction ports for enhanced patient comfort while protecting delicate mucosal tissue....

Brand: Crosstex

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Crosstex Hygoformic Saliva Ejectors

Product Code: (50116 / 50131)

Unique coil design is adjustable for maximum patient comfort. Smooth edges eliminate irritation - ideal for patients with sensitive tissue....

Brand: Crosstex

Crosstex Saliva Ejectors

Product Code: (50108 / 50109)

"Provides optimal suction without aspirating tissue.   Features Soft, non-removable tip Optimal suction...

Brand: Crosstex

Everyday Essentials Saliva Ejectors

Product Code: (990370 / 990417 / 990419 / 990420)

"Single patient use, disposable, pliable saliva ejectors hold their shape and minimise tissue impingement.   Features...

Brand: Everyday Essentials

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